Weekend Warrior Faction Mug

Type: mug
Travel Lid
Hello peoples of Adrasil! 
The time is nearly come to feast and fight again, and you'll need the best drinking vessel in the kingdom to stand out and remember the courageous deeds done this weekend. 
We are proud to make such a cup! 
For Weekend Warrior 2023 we are making Faction Mugs, 14oz wheel thrown stoneware coffee or tea mugs finished in a velvety satin glaze of your factions primary color, and adorned with a 22k gold crest of your own faction's coat of arms. 

Hearthguard mugs will be Deep Satin Red
Sealord Mugs will be Deep Satin Blue
Rangers Mugs will be Intense Satin Green
Kingsmen mugs will be Satin Black

This listing is a PREORDER, and finished mugs will be available for pickup at the event. 
For pickups select local pickup at checkout.  
If you would like your mug shipped, we will be glad to do so- select priority shipping at checkout and it will be mailed to you as it is completed. 

Thank you!