Knights of Winter '23 Collector's Cup


The Knights of Winter Collector’s Cup is a yearly favorite for us to create.
In celebration of the Knights of Winter event hosted by 13 Stripes Brewery, we have created a porcelain pint cup featuring the artwork used on the “Future World” originally drawn by Upstate SC artist, Zach Landrum.
The Pint Cup is 1 of 30, and will not be made again.
Cups selected for pickup will be available at the Knights of Winter event at 13 Stripes Brewery on 1/28 at 5pm. Shipping is available.

Read this short story inspired by the artwork of Future World that accompany these cups.

“As the snow blanketed the battlefield, Colonel George Washington huddled next to the fire, trying to stay warm. The winter evening was bitter cold, but he knew he couldn't let it defeat him. He had a duty to his men and to his country to see this revolution through to the end.

With a determination in his heart, he stood up, his eyes attempting to pierce the wintery veil through the trees. He knew that the fight for freedom would be a long and difficult one, but he also knew that it was worth it. The sacrifices they were making now would pave the way for a new nation, one built on liberty and justice for all.

As he trudged through the snow, his thoughts turned to his fellow soldiers, brave men who were also battling the cold and the enemy. He knew that they looked to him for inspiration and he would not let them down.

With every step, he pushed through the pain and the fatigue, knowing that he was a symbol of hope to his men. He would not falter, he would not give up. He would lead by example and show them that nothing, not even the freezing cold, could stop them from achieving their goal.

As the night wore on and the cold seemed to seep into his bones, Colonel Washington took a sip of his beer. The liquid filled him with a renewed sense of strength and determination. He knew that as long as he had his men by his side and the fire of freedom burning in his heart, he would be able to brave any storm and come out victorious."

"Raise a pint to the brave men and women who fought for our freedom, cheers to them"