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Hero's Tough as Stone Mug

Type: All
Glaze color
Travel Lid

14oz handmade stoneware pottery mug with real 22k gold Lord of the Rings decal.

Perfect Gift for any Lord of the Rings fan.
Dishwasher safe- this item is NOT microwave safe.

Travel Lids are available if you’d like to take your mug on the go. Lids are silicone inserts that are machine washable.

The image paired with this coffee mug is meant to remind and inspire you with every cup of coffee or tea, that the virtues possessed by the heroes in our favorite stories are attained by being mentally strong, and physically tough in the face of obstacles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Love for the Dwarves

Ok, so I love my "Fear No Darkness" mug; it's my favorite.
This mug is Spouse's favorite.
When I first showed them, they grinned and said, "Oh, yeah! Finally, some love for the dwarves!" It is now their favorite mug.
It's a gorgeous design, and like all Donovan's mugs, has a wonderfully comfortable handle and curves, plus a fantastic volume. If you're on the fence, jump off and buy this mug -- you won't regret it.