Hero's Fight for Love Mug

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Embrace the spirit of heroism with each morning brew using our 'Hero Mug', a beacon of motivation for fans of epic tales and self-empowerment. Skillfully hand-thrown from the finest locally sourced stoneware in Greenville, SC, this 12oz mug is a testament to artisanal craftsmanship and fantasy-inspired elegance.

Choose from Fortress Black or Tower White, each adorned with a breathtaking 22k gold inspired by Eowyn and Merry's climactic battle against the Witch King. This isn't just drinkware; it's a daily reminder to channel your inner strength, designed to kindle the fires of inspiration with every use.

Unique Features:

  • Artisan Selection: Handmade by expert potters, ensuring no two mugs are identical.
  • Inspiring Design: Features motivational text alongside the luxurious gold illustration.
  • Gift of Valor: Ideal for book lovers, fantasy fans, or as a symbol of encouragement.

Care Instructions: To preserve the gold illustration's luster, these mugs are dishwasher safe but not suitable for microwave use.

Craftsmanship Disclaimer: Our unique eggshell glaze interacts with other colors in the kiln to create a one-of-a-kind finish, sometimes yielding a gentle pink hue. Subtle marks underscore the distinctive handmade quality of each mug. Celebrate these individualities as a hallmark of handcrafted artistry and the story behind your mug's journey from our kiln to your hands.

Customer Reviews

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My New Favorite Mug

Oh my goodness! I got this mug for my birthday and I am NOT disappointed! I got no complaints; the details are FABULOUS, the mug itself is great quality, the handle feels good too! My favorite part is the saying, it is exactly what I stand for and what I fight for. The only thing that might not be perfect is that the image is a little bit off center and the silicone travel lid doesn’t fit all that well but that isn’t that bad in my opinion.