Peter Pan Mug

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Type: All
Color - Black Satin
Travel Lid

Escape to the world of Neverland with our latest addition to the Hero Series - The Pan mug. This exquisite handmade mug features a stunning 22k gold illustration of Peter Pan soaring through the sun with the empowering text, "Believe in who you are."

Made with high-quality stoneware material, this travel mug is perfect for the adventurer in you. The 12oz size is perfect for your morning coffee or tea, and the lightweight yet sturdy design allows you to carry it with you on all your travels, making it the perfect companion for your daily commute or your next road trip.

What sets this mug apart is the intricate and detailed 22k gold illustration, carefully illustrated and applied as a gold decal by our team of crafts people. The gold adds a touch of luxury and elegance to this already stunning mug, making it the perfect gift for the adventurer and dreamer in your life.

Our Hero Series mugs are designed to inspire and empower, and this Pan travel mug is no exception. It's a reminder to believe in yourself and to never give up on your dreams, no matter how challenging life may seem.

Whether you're a fan of Peter Pan or simply looking for a beautiful and empowering travel mug, this is the perfect choice. So why wait? Add this stunning handmade travel mug to your collection today and be inspired with every sip. It's not just a mug, it's a daily reminder to believe in yourself and to never stop dreaming.

Disclaimer: Unique Characteristics of Handcrafted Pottery

At Donovan Pottery each mug is a labor of love and artistic expression. We pride ourselves on creating all our beautiful pieces in our small cozy studio space, utilizing a single kiln to bring our production line to life.

As artisans, we use a variety of glaze colors, including our special eggshell glaze. We wish to inform our customers that the eggshell glaze is uniquely reactive to ingredients in our other glaze colors. This interaction can occasionally result in a subtle pink blush on mugs with the eggshell glaze. Your mug may also include subtle marks or identifiers of the handmade nature of our practice.

We consider these not flaws, but charming characteristics of handcrafted pottery. Each piece tells its own story, reflecting the intricate process of creation. We hope that you, as our valued customer, will embrace these nuances as part of the beauty and uniqueness of handmade objects.

Thank you for supporting our craft and for appreciating the individuality of each piece you purchase.