Gryffindor's Mug

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Our Hogwarts Inspired House Mugs are the newest addition to our Hero Mug Series: Mugs that are designed to inspire heroic action with every sip. 

Each one is wheel thrown stoneware that has been decorated with a Velvety Satin glaze in a color that compliments the House: Deep Maroon for Gryffindor, Emerald Satin for Slytherin, Inky Blue for Ravenclaw, and Badger Black for Hufflepuff. 
The 22k gold designs are hand illustrated, and are inspired by the description in the books/films, but also with medieval English Heraldry Crests. 

Each Mug boasts the qualities of the House written in scrollwork beneath the crest; a daily reminder to cultivate those qualities in order to be heroic in our daily lives, as well as a golden Snitch on the reverse side near the handle- a constant reminder that our goals are fleeting and valuable; hard to catch and require constant effort- but worthwhile in the end. 

Each mug is handmade with locally sourced stoneware in Greenville, SC by trained and skilled potters. Due to the handmade nature of the mugs no two will be exactly the same. Mugs are made to order and ship within 3-5 business days. 

Care instructions:

These mugs are Dishwasher safe, but due to the inclusion of real 22k gold they are NOT microwave safe.

Customer Reviews

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As it’s a Christmas present for my wife I can’t say to much about it, I did open the box to inspect it incase it broke. With the packing of this cup, I could throw it off of Everest and it’d be safe. The cup itself is made to perfection from the 15 seconds I looked at it before putting it back in the box and wrapping it

Julie Hamer
The best mugs!

These mugs are creative and well crafted. Will is an outstanding artist!