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Hero's Fight for Love Mug

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Travel Lid

14oz handmade stoneware pottery mug with Black Satin or Eggshell glaze, and real, 22k gold Lord of the Rings decal. Perfect Gift for any Lord of the Rings fan.
Dishwasher safe- this item is NOT microwave safe.

Travel Lids are available if you’d like to take your mug on the go. Lids are silicone inserts that are machine washable.

This mug is a part of my “Hero” series.
I used imagery of villains and burdens within Lord of the Rings to express the conviction that a hero has to not only face, but overcome obstacles every day. I also believe that we can become the hero of our own story by choosing to do difficult things, and overcome our own personal obstacles.

A short phrase is also included on each mug that describes how the hero within LOTR overcame their obstacle, and also to describe how we can choose strength and determination to combat our own challenges.

I put these images on coffee mugs with the hopes that as they become a part of your daily caffeine ritual you will be reminded to face your own daily obstacle with courage, and willingness to persevere to be the hero you deserve for yourself and those you love.

Disclaimer: Unique Characteristics of Handcrafted Pottery

At Donovan Pottery each mug is a labor of love and artistic expression. We pride ourselves on creating all our beautiful pieces in our small cozy studio space, utilizing a single kiln to bring our production line to life.

As artisans, we use a variety of glaze colors, including our special eggshell glaze. We wish to inform our customers that the eggshell glaze is uniquely reactive to ingredients in our other glaze colors. This interaction can occasionally result in a subtle pink blush on mugs with the eggshell glaze. Your mug may also include subtle marks or identifiers of the handmade nature of our practice.

We consider these not flaws, but charming characteristics of handcrafted pottery. Each piece tells its own story, reflecting the intricate process of creation. We hope that you, as our valued customer, will embrace these nuances as part of the beauty and uniqueness of handmade objects.

Thank you for supporting our craft and for appreciating the individuality of each piece you purchase.