Donovan Pottery’s rebranding? Tea Parties? New Designs? Here’s a peek at what’s going on at our clay studio.

Donovan Pottery’s rebranding? Tea Parties? New Designs? Here’s a peek at what’s going on at our clay studio.

Donovan Pottery’s rebranding? Tea Parties? New Designs? Here’s a peek at what’s going on at our clay studio.

Hey Folks!
Will here with just a casual update with what’s going on in the Donovan Pottery studio. It’s been awhile since I shared just a normal catch up, and feel like its high time to just lower the mental walls, and share what’s on my mind and what’s in the works! There’s some seriously cool updates, so if you’re interested, read til the end. Lets go!

This is probably the biggest news, and I havent shared this with anyone but our team before now, but we’re in the midst of a full rebrand! This past year I’ve been thinking about the role I want Donovan Pottery to play in not only my life, but in the world. I’ve floated a lot of ideas to myself, but the thing that feels closest to my heart, and most true to my nature is that I just want to share the value of craft with story-driven people. I truly believe that handmade ceramics- both the making, and using- has the power to be transformative in peoples lives. I also believe that pots can be used as vessels to connect and remind us of the power of our own story- every time they are used.
For us, this is a two sided coin. We’re going to provide outstanding, meaningful, and well-crafted ceramics, as well providing space, and training resources to other burgeoning ceramicists who feel a similar craft-calling. Currently we’re already making the ceramics, and through your support also employing 3 other creatives who help make this all possible. A new pottery apprentice is also beginning with us in April!

I’m such a visual person, that I felt I needed a visual structure, or model to help me communicate this vision, and values with the people who interact with my work- whether in person, on social, or our website. So we’ve hired local artist, Emily Landrum to create a new logo, and some imagery and patterns that you can expect to see us implement in the coming weeks! Heres a little preview of what’s to come.

In Slightly-related other news, I’m also really excited to share that we are developing a line of teas, and tea ware to add to the shop! Yes, we’re sourcing 6 incredible teas to pair with our mugs and other pottery. We’ve partnered with the local experts and connoisseurs of fine drinks: Methodical Coffee to help us develop our own blends and source the finest loose leaf teas to bring to our collection. Guys, I cant tell you how happy this makes me, and I’m so excited.
We’re bringing in 6 different varieties- 2 blacks, a milk oolong, a custom herbal blend, jasmine pearl, and the best green tea I’ve ever had. (I’ll share more about them as we get the promotional and info material created)

To celebrate this infusion (see what I did there?) we’re planning a tea party! The details are in flux right now (ceramic puns anyone? ok I’ll stop), but my hope is to have a small party in Greenville, SC in mid-summer where we can have a fun and intimate gathering with good food, art, music, friendship, storytelling, and of course- excellent tea in handmade pots. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ATTENDING please click the button below and fill out a form so I can begin planning accordingly.
To be completely forthright- this may be a ticketed event to cover catering and venue costs, but I’ll let you know everything up front, and it will absolutely be worth it.

Along with the teas, we’ll be developing some new product lines that are a compliment, and make drinking and making the tea more enjoyable. That means new surfaces, and new forms! I’ve been in full designer mode plotting it all out! Its been endless fun for me as I’ve been reinspired to pursue new shapes and glaze colors. I really cant wait to share with you some finished concepts. But for now, here’s a mood board, and some original patterns so you can get a glimpse of what I’m being inspired by, and what’s to come:

Overall, It feels like a lot is on the cusp of happening over here. I love that you’re on this ceramic journey with me, and really value your input and insight so I’ll get better at sharing more regular updates like as well.

Until then, thanks for reading and hope you stay well.
Happy Spring,
Will Donovan


  • I would love to join your tea party especially since I am friends with Samantha and Abi. Before we were friends, I was their pottery teacher. It makes me glad they are keeping at it!

    Angel Allen on

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