Halfling Mug


“If you ever pass through Bag End, tea is at four. You are welcome anytime. Don’t bother knocking!”

- J.R.R. Tolkien. The Hobbit.

So many of us crave quiet, cozy adventures every day. I wanted to make a mug that helps begin each day with a little caffeine ritual, a story, and a call to experience your own type of cozy adventure. These wheel-thrown, porcelain mugs hold approx 14 oz, and are the perfect size for your favorite tea or coffee.

MUG CARE: these mugs can be dishwashed, but CANNOT be microwaved. 

The artwork is a licensed original by Zach Landrum of https://oldesoul.co/

Disclaimer: Unique Characteristics of Handcrafted Pottery

Welcome to our pottery studio, where each mug is a labor of love and artistic expression. We pride ourselves on creating these beautiful pieces in our cozy studio space, utilizing a single kiln to bring our designs to life.

As artisans, we use a variety of glaze colors, including our special eggshell glaze. We wish to inform our customers that the eggshell glaze is uniquely reactive to ingredients in our other glaze colors. This interaction can occasionally result in a subtle pink blush on mugs with the eggshell glaze.

We consider this not a flaw, but a charming characteristic of handcrafted pottery. Each piece tells its own story, reflecting the intricate process of creation. We hope that you, as our valued customer, will embrace these nuances as part of the beauty and uniqueness of handmade objects.

Thank you for supporting our craft and for appreciating the individuality of each piece you purchase.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Isabel Finn
Love these mugs

This is my 3rd order (4th and 5th mug) and I love them!!! My fiance and I yse the mugs every day. My only qualm was that the ring was missing from the back of the mug. Not sure if it was a design idea because it was the "Whom Do You Serve" mug or just an accident. Either way, phenomenal mugs.

Alycia M

I was in awe of how beautiful this was when I opened it! I’m planning on buying more! This is simple way to add more beauty and thought provoking moments to your day!

Bree Steffen
Classic Hobbit, Cozy Mug!

If a hobbit were to drink out of a mug, it would be this one! Such a cool design that’s a throwback to the vintage hobbit days, and the mug feels so good in my hand! Cozy sipping! It also came on the exact same day that my vintage 1966 print of The Hobbit book, so I feel like that’s a sign! My only problem is not being able to order another one fast enough haha! Can’t wait to buy the other designs.

Melissa Gibson
Wonderful craftsmanship!

The mugs are beautiful and I love the craftsmanship! The design is lovely and they are well crafted and sturdy. These will be a favorite for years to come. :)


I ADORE this mug. It is my absolute favorite. Beautiful craftsmanship. I am so glad I found Donovan Pottery!!!