Ale Mug (Weekend Warrior Faction Mug)



Skål! Cheers! Drinks all Around! They do come in pints!

I'm creating these Ale Cups for Fell and Fair's Weekend Warrior event in October, an immersive L.A.R.P. that draws people from around the world to fight with swords, shoot people with bows and arrows, dress up in armor, build lasting friendships, and feast their butts off. originally made this mug style just for those occasions, around the campfire, feast table, ren fair, or battle field, but I quickly came to love how practical these are day to day too! Cool water on the bedside table, tall glass of OJ while making the fam pancakes, afternoon beer on the lawn, or a "It was a long day" kind of cocktail before crashing on the couch. Whatever it is this cup has you covered. These are a great cup to bring the fantastical into your every day.

Faction logos drawn by the Sea Lord's own Sean Kerr are now available to add onto your mug! By selecting your faction when adding a cup to the cart, you are making sure your cup will be distinguished with an original drawing of your faction's emblem. This emblem will be fired onto your cup in our white-hot furnaces to ensure lasting permanence; a token of your adventures and camaraderie for years to come. The faction logos require an extra kiln firing per cup, and therefore cost an additional $5.

These cups are Pre Orders, and will be made to order. I will make the mugs and bring them with me to Weekend Warrior where they will be available at check in. For cups to be picked up at check in select "pick up" as the shipping option. If you want yours shipped ahead of time please select "Flat Rate" and input your address. If you just want one and do not plan on attending Weekend Warrior, that's great too! Select "Flat Rate" as your shipping option and it will be mailed to you.



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Sea Lords, Hearth- Guard, Rangers, Kingsmen, No Faction