Ale and Mead Mug (Feast Ware Pre-Order)



Skål! Cheers! Drinks all Around!

However you celebrate filling a tall glass, you can now sip a tall pint, down a glass of fine mead, or aged wine in a handmade mug made for the occasion. So it’s no secret I love L.A.R.P. (live action role play), War Re-enactments, Ren Fairs, basically anything that screams, “I’m a nerd and I’m proud!”. I originally made this mug style just for those occasions, around the campfire, feast table, ren fair, or battle field, but I quickly came to love how practical these are day to day too! Cool water on the bedside table, tall glass of OJ while making the fam pancakes, afternoon beer on the lawn, or a “It was a long day” kind of cocktail before crashing on the couch this mug has you covered. These are a great cup to bring the fantastical into your every day.

I’m creating these for Fell and Fair’s Weekend Warrior event in October, an immersive L.A.R.P. that draws people from around the world to fight with swords, shoot people with bows and arrows, dress up in armor, build lasting friendships, and feast their butts off. For these pre orders, I will create the mugs and bring them with me to Weekend Warrior where they will be available at check in. If you want yours shipped ahead of time, please leave a comment and let me know, and we can arrange it. If you just want one and do not plan on attending Weekend Warrior, that’s great too! Just send me a comment and we can arrange shipping. Lead time is about 3 weeks for those wanting theirs shipped.