For ceramicist, Will Donovan, clay is a part of life. It is the thread that weaves through the day-to-day, and stiches together moments of creativity, determination, and passion to form the story that is Donovan Pottery. Against the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Will works from his home studio in the thriving city of Greenville, South Carolina. There he creates handmade tableware that evokes a delicate balance between simplicity of design and excellent craftsmanship. Pottery for him is not just an object, but a representation of how to live with fulfillment. “A pot is the most humble of servants; it gives without asking, and receives with grace. Each pot that I make is the expression of a hope to one day be just like the objects that I create.”

Donovan Pottery specializes in functional tableware and is proud to have collaborated with notable chefs, local coffee shops, small businesses, and private homes to introduce pottery into the community. We use the highest quality of materials, sourcing clay locally and mixing glazes with the purest and safe minerals and colorants. Each piece is food and liquid, micwave, dishwasher, and oven safe.